Welcome, friends, to DirtVentures!

It's now our 5th year!  Wow, how time flies when you have so many
kids!  We took last year off due to the timing of our fourth child, but
we are back with all new rides this season.  We will be conducting
tours with the Polaris Ace and the Polaris RZR 570 side by side.
We are very excited to be taking you north on a rather new trail
system that is still being developed as we speak.  DirtVentures will
be a bit flexible as to where we can drop and ride, however, due to
our base location we must travel north of the White Mountains.  We
are also very excited about the all new 4-hour Jericho Park and
"Ride the Wilds" while it seems like it is only a half day, it’s pretty
much going to end up being a full day adventure for you.  Load the
picnic basket and bring some grilling goods, and don't forget ice for
your coolers.  We can only execute this trip with a maximum of 7
people {4 drivers/3 passengers} so make sure you only tell your
closest friends!   

Our goal is to provide you with a great ATV adventure based on
your level of riding ability. DirtVentures loves doing group tours as
well as friends and families. Most of all we enjoy sending you home
HAPPY. We love ATV-ing and are looking forward to sharing the
experience with you!!!

        Paul, Gery, Annabella, Adora, Amelia and Arianna Fresolone
ATV Rentals of  NH LLC
514 US Rt 3 Lincoln, NH 03251
Phone: 603-238-2571 Cell: 603-348-7941
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