Frequently asked Questions.............

1. Never drove an ATV before...can we do it?
YES, we teach people how to
ride every day.
2. What will I need to rent? A valid driver’s license, a major credit card with
up to $1000.00(guided) or 2500.00(unguided) available and an attitude that you
are about to have the best time of your life...
3. Do you charge my card in advance?  Yes, you pay for the tour/rental in
full at the time of the reservation.
4. Do you charge the deductible in advance? Guided tours NO, Unguided-
we will preauthorize your credit card for $2500.00
5. I do not have a major credit card can I still rent? Yes with a CASH
deposit - for guided tours only.
6. Do damages occur often? We do not know yet, because we are new to
this industry. We will learn more as we progress into it.
7. Is ATV-ing dangerous? YES!!!
8. Should I go Guided?  Yes, our guides are professional, friendly people,
you will travel much further and safer, they love to ride and share their riding  
experience with you.
9. What to wear?
Long sleeved shirts, pants, eye glasses or goggles, closed toe
, gloves; change of clothes -you will get dirty.
ATV Rentals of  NH LLC
514 US Rt 3 Lincoln, NH 03251
Phone: 603-238-2571 Cell: 603-348-7941
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